Lantz Center for Christian Vocations

Eli said to Samuel:

"...if God calls you, you shall say, Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.'"

God speaks to us.

Often it is a quiet whisper, a gentle nudge, a hunch we seem to have. As we look back at our journeys thus far, though, we notice those places where the Lord has been speaking to us, guiding us, encouraging us on.

In college, we face some of the most difficult decisions of our lives–as our journeys continue on, it seems there is an endless series of choices. The road forward seems to continually diverge; should we be pastors, stock brokers, social workers? Should we marry, remain single, consider a life lived in community? Amidst the near cacophony of sounds competing for our attention, it becomes all too easy to forget that God speaks to us.

The Lantz Center for Christian Vocations and Formation exists as a place to hear God speaking, and to develop the formative skills to listen to what God speaks to us. Through a curriculum of classes, retreats, spiritual mentoring and other opportunities for exploration, a community of discernment forms based on common spiritual practices, shared lives and continuing friendship.

We hope that you find a place in the center–a place where you can be reminded that God calls us all, a place where you can hear God speaking to you.