Christian Vocations Courses

The CVOC curriculum is an integral part of the Lantz Center. The curriculum introduces the student into a spiral of learning as each course takes the student deeper and deeper into the Christian journey of vocational exploration and formation. Not unlike a potter who takes time to center the clay on the spinning wheel, the CVOC courses serve to center the students in Christ. In the context of a community, the students have the opportunity to envision new possibilities for themselves.

During the first year of courses (CVOC 110 and 111), students have the opportunity for vocational exploration while becoming more familiar with the practices of Christian spiritual formation. In the second year (CVOC 210 and 211), students build on the foundation of exploration and formation they began in the first year by integrating the practices they have learned into everyday life. As they live their "Rule of Life" in the company of their classmates, students have the opportunity to reflect on their practice of the Christian faith.

In CVOC 105-01 and CVOC 105-50 ASP, students have the opportunity to volunteer hours of community service and reflect on their experience in light of their Christian faith. An opportunity for students who want to work in a closely supervised context of practical experience in a particular field of Christian service is offered in an internship (CVOC 406).


Students in the Christian Vocations Program take a retreat each semester that they are in a CVOC class. These retreats serve to create deeper relationships between the students, allows students time to reflect on what they have been learning throughout the semester, and gives them the opportunity to be refreshed through prayer, rest, community building activities, and lots of fun.

Commissioning Service

After students complete all four core classes in the Christian Vocations Program, they have the opportunity to be commissioned for Christian Service. Students in either their senior year, or junior year if they are entering graduate school after three years, are commissioned and sent forth to serve the world through Christian Service. During this service, they read a statement of their commitment to Christian service. Following this commitment, they are anointed with oil as a sign of Godís blessing as they embark upon a life of Christian service.